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#14 Interview of Htet Zin Maung, SUNY Korea TS Graduate

History makersㅣ2022-04-25 13:55

Htet Zin Maung, SUNY Korea TS graduate, started working at EY in March. His current job responsibility is searching for governance, risk and compliance (GRC) technology solutions to deliver exceptional client experience to EY’s client companies. Htet says “[his] TS major equipped [him] with basic technical-skills acumen as part of the life-long learning journey.”

[Written Interview]

Q.  Please introduce yourself.

A.  I am Htet Zin Maung from Myanmar (Burma). I majored in Technological Systems Management (TS) with a minor in Engineering and Technology Entrepreneurship (ETE). I came to SUNY Korea in Fall 2017 and graduated in December 2021.

Q.   What are some valuable achievements / memorable experiences that you had as a student at SUNY Korea?

A. Of all the activities that I participated in during my time at SUNY Korea, some of the remarkable and valuable experiences that I had were working as a residential assistant (RA) and the vice president of the Undergraduate Student Council (USC). In addition, I was also one of the student ambassadors of SUNY Korea. All these experiences were memorable as part of my college student life at SUNY Korea.

Q.  How has SUNY Korea prepared you for a career at EY?

A.  SUNY Korea provided me with knowledge and skills required to stand out in the global working environment; in particular, my TSM major equipped me with basic technical skills and business acumen as part of the life-long learning journey. Of course, my professors were also great valuable mentors and instructors to prepare me for my career.

Q.   What is your current job responsibility at EY? Are you enjoying your work?

A.  I am currently working to come up with governance, risk and compliance (GRC) technology solutions to deliver exceptional client experience to EY’s client companies. I enjoy working at EY as well as enjoy working in a consulting environment in general because it gives me exciting opportunities and many new things to learn every time.

Q.  Could you share any tips for SUNY Korea students who are looking for jobs?

A. I highly recommend my fellow students to actively look for a job and gain as many experiences as possible such as internships and doing research. Building a good resume and finding the most relevant job position are also the keys to landing a job. Don’t forget to reach out to the career center too since they can help you a lot and prepare you.

Q.  Where do you see yourself in five years?

A.  I want to become a technology leader on the global stage to harness the emerging technologies for the benefits of our society and environment. I also see myself inspiring my community to innovate and cultivate ethical technologies.

Q.  Do you have a message for SUNY Korea students who wish to follow your path?

A.  I would like to kindly encourage the students to always look out for any opportunities and be open to any chances. I don’t like being strict on myself in a way that I will choose only one path. I always have an open mindset to explore and learn any industry/field because we are still young and should have the courage to take any opportunities.


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